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Donald Ray Brown, Jr. Ph.D. Speaking Fro

Meet Dr. Motivate

Cutting-edge educator, aspiring best-selling author, and dynamic motivational speaker

Dr. Donald R. Brown, Jr., aka Dr. Motivate, is rising to become one of the top motivational speakers in the world! He has cultivated an extensive following amongst some of the most highly respected and influential secondary school leaders across the nation. Reaching thousands of educational leaders, a year through speaking engagements alone, he is committed to giving students and adults hope, while providing educational leaders with the finest resources and training for personal and professional growth.

 “We have a world to impact!” 



Let us help you discover what your leadership needs are. We use Dr. Motivate’s Think, Reflect & Grow model to help guide our clients through the training discovery phase....
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It gives me pleasure to write this heartfelt, sincere, and befitting letter on behalf of Dr. Donald Brown. Dr. Brown and I began our Ph.D. journey together some years ago. I've witnessed his related greatness firsthand. He stood out amongst our cohort for many reasons. When he spoke, ALL listened. He had and still possesses an unmatched passion for growth in everyone in every area of life. It just so happened that our area of study was education so I had an opportunity to experience what he sought to do regarding leading others to greatness in this area, whether teacher, student, or current leader. Dr. Brown also demonstrates what grace and resilience under pressure represents personally and professionally. If you're wanting to see permanent change in your organization with strategies that actually "stick", Dr. Brown is your man! Besides, by the time he's done doing his thing, everyone will feel for themselves the true passion behind "Whooooooo!"

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"Dr. Brown is an outstanding motivational speaker, and leader with a unique ability to quickly connect with groups of all sizes, and backgrounds. Great at tailoring his message to the big picture goals of an organization, or team. ALWAYS leaves his audience feeling empowered, and uplifted. He had a big impact on our Business Development team, consequently we have him join our meetings on a regular basis to stay energized! I highly recommend Dr. Brown to help your team, or organization to reach new levels of success."

Kathleen Cirillo, Ph.D..jpeg

"Dr. Donald Brown is one of the best keynote speakers I ever heard. His message is inspiring and gives sends a feeling of hope to anyone listening. He overcame tremendous obstacles of poverty and a learning disability to become a role model for what can be done with a mindset of optimism, living by faith and a "do whatever it takes" attitude. My hope is that everyone has a chance to, one day, meet this amazing man!" 

Kathleen Cirillo, Ph.D.

Executive Director

“When you are a kid

coming from poverty

you are hungry,

and from that hunger

you learn how to fight."

Remaining motivated takes ongoing intentional deliberate actions. You must do things on purpose until those things become the healthy routines that support and help sustain your life. In life, anyone can make up an excuse on why something didn’t happen for them. Don’t be that person.

While reading, keep in mind that you are your greatest asset, and greatest enemy, and whichever mindset you feed will be the one that wins. If you feed negative thoughts those will be the ones which help dictate potential outcomes in your life. Feed the right one because you are the one.

“Through the struggle will come something greater!”



– Dr. Motivate

Bookcover From Special Ed. to Ph.D. The

Coming Soon


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